Ghosts from the Past

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GFTP-EN128 Ghost Rare

Dark Magician

£535.10 GBP

GFTP-EN129 Ghost Rare

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon

£195.00 GBP

GFTP-EN132 Ghost Rare

Black Luster Soldier - Soldier of Chaos

£148.50 GBP

GFTP-EN130 Ghost Rare

Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon

£120.70 GBP

GFTP-EN131 Ghost Rare

Firewall Dragon

£54.60 GBP

GFTP-EN126 Ultra rare

Evenly Matched

£21.70 GBP

GFTP-EN053 Ultra rare

Hieratic Seal of the Heavenly Spheres

  • Near Mint 1st Edition

£6.00 GBP

GFTP-EN045 Ultra rare

Red Supernova Dragon

£3.80 GBP

GFTP-EN109 Ultra rare

Emergency Teleport

£3.50 GBP

GFTP-EN038 Ultra rare

Dragunity Remus

£2.90 GBP

GFTP-EN012 Ultra rare

Time Thief Adjuster

£2.60 GBP

GFTP-EN001 Ultra rare

Vampire Voivode

  • Near Mint 1st Edition

£2.50 GBP

GFTP-EN011 Ultra rare

Galaxy-Eyes Cipher X Dragon

£2.20 GBP

GFTP-EN106 Ultra rare

Splash Mage

  • Near Mint 1st Edition

£2.20 GBP

GFTP-EN041 Ultra rare

Dragunity Glow

£2.00 GBP

GFTP-EN122 Ultra rare

Phantom Knights' Fog Blade

  • Near Mint 1st Edition

£1.90 GBP

132 products